Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Pharmaceutical sciences are an important part of our health care system and have gone through several paradigm shifts in the last century. Although India has earned its position in the pharmaceutical profession globally, it is yet to make an appreciable impact in pharmaceutical research.

There is an acute need to develop several professionals with multiple skills encapsulating hardcore genomic sciences with medical technologies for the welfare of the people, eradicating diseases, and providing healthy living through innovative pharmaceutical products and devices.

Baba Sheikh Farid College vision was to give affordable high-quality professional education that not only generates high employment potential to the under privileged youth but also the institute of higher leaming of International standards equipped with sophisticated infrastructural facilities, even though the institution is situated in a remote part of the country.

Lovepreet Sandhu

Added to this, it is the mission of the college to develop versatile personality in the students with the inculcation of sound ethics and moral values The college has strived hard to have exponential growth and dreams to see it to be the “Gurukul” having great “Gyani Gurus” (Expert Teachers) and “Tej Vigyaniks” (Scientists of Excellence). I am sure the Institute will provide skilled and specialized professionals who will contribute not only to the development of the industry but also to the welfare of the community.

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