Scope of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. This science uses principles of health sciences, biology and chemical sciences to create and dispense pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who practice in the field of pharmacy. They are knowledgeable about drug therapy, different types of drugs (their composition, manufacturing process and properties) and optimum use of drugs (depending upon the condition of the patient). Pharmacists are also known by titles such as- druggists, chemists and Doctor of Pharmacy. Their main tasks include- compounding, checking prescriptions, dispensing drugs, advice dosage and directions to patients and checking and maintaining the drug store inventory (at hospitals, clinics or drug stores).

PG Courses and Further Studies

After completing Diploma in Pharmacy, successful candidates may secure admission directly in the 2nd academic year of Bachelor of Pharmacy course. Admissions are provided to Diploma in Pharmacy holders based on merit marks obtained by them in Diploma course. After completing the Bachelor’s program, graduates may go for advanced courses like Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy), M.Pharm. and PG Diploma courses. After completing Master’s, PG Diploma or Pharm D, one may go for relevant PhD program.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

Diverse job opportunities are available in front of Diploma in Pharmacy holders. Government and private sector job opportunities are available in front of them.

Diploma in Pharmacy certificate holders may start practicing as pharmacists in India.

Pharmacist: They may work at drug stores in Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, community health centres or private drug stores. In such a work setup, they usually check prescriptions (made by the Doctor), dispense drugs to patients, give them advice & directions, keep stock of drugs in storage, keep accounts and maintain the inventory.

Own Bussiness: D Pharm certificate holders may even start their own private drug store.

Pharmaceutical companies are also known to hire D Pharm folks. In this sector, they may work at divisions/sections like- manufacturing, process control, quality control and marketing.

Marketing sector, one may work for firms involved in pharmaceutical products marketing. One may also work as a medical representative.

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